Yes, we do have common ground with teabaggers

tea bags

Why? because they’re angry too at the banksters and corptocracy that increasingly controls politics in DC as they loot the country. So says Newshoggers, and I completely agree.

While the tea party movement may have some anti-government bigots they are upset about many of the same things as we progressives. In a post this morning I wrote:

This is just another indication that the US is no longer a Democracy but a Corporatocracy. It may appear that the Democrats and the Republicans are singing different songs but they are all marching to the same drummer. That drummer will be found on Wall Street not Main Street.

This is what really upsets a majority of the teabaggers – and what the original Boston Tea Party was all about, the government taking the side of corporate oligarchs. Of course most of them may not realize it but this is what they are really upset about.

Oh, I think they mostly realize what they’re angry at. Sure, their rage is sometimes unfocused and inchoate. Sometimes it spins off into ugly racism. But at root, it is quite real.

So, rather than insult them as all being knuckle-dragging racists who think Obama is a CommuNazi, let’s find the considerable common ground that exists between us. Because then we’d be unstoppable as a movement.

Chill pills badly needed. Health care activist bites finger off counter-protester

chill pill

Authorities are searching for a healthcare reform activist today who they said bit off the finger of a 65-year-old counter-demonstrator during a fight at a rally in Thousand Oaks.

A MoveOn spokersperson issued a tepid statement calling the incident “regrettable” hoping it won’t detract from their political statement. Because of course their political statement is what’s most important. Sigh.

Here at Polizeros, we wouldn’t call it “regrettable”, rather we would call it “deranged.”

For those squealing about town hall protesters

kill bush protest sign

Photo via SFist linking to Zombietime (an anonymous hard right photographer who cheerfully and methodically documents the lunacies of the extreme left.)

The left has plenty of loonies too. Some of whom carried signs threatening the life of a president. But such derangement was clearly not the common view of most antiwar protesters. No doubt it’s the same with town hall protesters. But to read some liberal bloggers, they’re practically announcing the arrival of fascist takeover of America because of a few nutcases on the right. I think they need to take a deep breath and a chill pill, stop unduly scaring people, and get a grip. Seriously.

Because what’s going on now is a walk in the park compared to the 60’s with its multiple assassinations and cities burning. The country survived that just fine. We didn’t end up a fascist state either (and yes, some lefties back then were darkly predicting it too. Nixon supposedly had concentration camps and the round up of hippie freaks was imminent. Well, I didn’t get rounded up. Neither did my friends. I’m still waiting.)

There’s been much shocked hysteria about how could the Secret Service let that guy with a gun into the Obama Town hall meeting, like the Secret Service didn’t know what they were doing and squeaky liberals who probably have never owned a gun did. Well, no. I’m guessing the Secret Service probably had matters well in hand and there was never the hint of a threat.

As I blogged recently, the Black Panthers posed with rifles on the steps of the California State Capitol in 1968, and trust me, that set off an enormous squeak fest of fear among the right as well as among many liberals too. The Panthers were just a lit-tle bit too militant for most folks. And things ended rather badly for most of them, just like it probably will for the extremist fringe of the teabaggers. And our democracy will survive that too.

If the left doesn’t organize them, the right will

howl at the moon

This awesome rant howls about the cluelessness of liberals moaning about health care while wars rage and elites plunder the economy. This also, I must add, includes the maddeningly comatose behavior of the radical left who during this massive crisis of capitalism has been doing precisely nothing.

(I’m not sure who the author is, it doesn’t matter, just go with the howl. It’s rude, profane, and quite on target. Here’s most of it.)

The pants-pissing liberal hysteria about evil militia maniacs being mean to poor little helpless members of Congress

Of course millions and millions and millions of people increasingly hate and fear the government. And loathe and despise the politicians in Congress.

They are right to do so.

They are highly intelligent and perceive correctly who the enemy is, robbing them blind by the trillions of dollars and sending their kids off to stupid wars.

More than anything, this is what the teabaggers are about. They are increasingly angry about getting screwed over. DJ, who blogs here and lives in rural Utah, tells me the teabaggers he knows are not racists and most are Democrats. Urban liberals need to get their heads out of their posteriors and realize this.

Some teabaggers could be potential friends and allies. But they certainly won’t if liberals continue to portray them as ignorant rural yokels who live in doublewides as some liberal blogs are doing now. Instead they might want to listen to the quite real grievances about jobs, the economy, etc. Plus,, it’s a cheap shot. Find the looniest of the protesters, then portray them as being the norm. This happened all the time when I was helping organize antiwar protests.

Of course more and more want to tear the house down.

That is also a sign of intelligence.

If the radical left doesn’t organize them against the government and the status quo, the radical right will.

Populist uprisings can go left or right. Or even stay in the middle. But left radicals are doing approximately zilch now while liberals apparently have made the public option their political do-or-die issue. They may get their wish. Meanwhile, they ignore other, much bigger issues and alienate possible allies.

(Of course, tearing the house down with no clue what to do next generally isn’t a real effective plan. Unless of course you enjoy gibbering chaos.)

The posturing “progressives” of the world whining on the internet about the growth of the radical right and how mean they were to Congressman Thieving V. Fatfuck at the town hall meeting will not organize anything.

And the danger isn’t that these stupid, incompetent, deluded maniac assholes from some militia or other will march on Chicago or New York or Los Angeles.

Fortunately, there are literally millions of weapons in private hands in urban America. The Chicken Crotch Militia would last about 20 minutes showing up in Brooklyn.

The danger is from some General who decides he has to take over to save America from chaos.

If you’re worried about how things are going, go make friends with some troops.

Face to face.

The life you save may be your own.

Apocalyptic? Yes. A rant? Absolutely. But there’s considerable truth here. Liberals are overly busy defending Obama and are thus ignoring the wars and cratering economy, while the hard left is unaccountably AWOL. This needs to change. Now.

On those town hall meetings

Some posts you may have missed here.

My views on the town hall meetings. Attempts at disrupting meetings can easily be stopped by the organizers. The fascist hordes are not massing at the gates. The 60’s were a whole lot crazier than now. The right will push the middle class to the left. We need to be there helping that process.

How to stop hecklers and troublemakers at meetings.
Have contingency plans and your own security. It worked for us in the antiwar movement.

Are liberals freaking out as much over the town halls as conservatives did over the 60’s?.
Yes, I think they are. And for what purpose?

Town hall meeting disruptions could tilt the populace to the left.
This is key. And would be the reverse of the aftermath of the 60’s, when left radicalism drove the middle class to the right.

Fascism alert?
Because, while I suppose you could view the town hall protests as the leading edge of a surge in right-wing radicalism, it’s far more likely what we’re seeing is their final enraged sputterings before they marginalize themselves completely. Because, rather than making inroads into the middle class, they will alienate it. And without broad-based support from the middle class in the US, a political movement is doomed to irrelevance.

Could a few hardcore members go underground and get violent like the Weather Underground did in the 60’s? Sure. But in the broad view, the Weather Underground  probably helped push the middle class to the right and had little real political effect. Just like what will happen, should right wingers attempt the same. Except they will drive moderates to the left. As well as not accomplishing any of their goals.