For those squealing about town hall protesters

kill bush protest sign

Photo via SFist linking to Zombietime (an anonymous hard right photographer who cheerfully and methodically documents the lunacies of the extreme left.)

The left has plenty of loonies too. Some of whom carried signs threatening the life of a president. But such derangement was clearly not the common view of most antiwar protesters. No doubt it’s the same with town hall protesters. But to read some liberal bloggers, they’re practically announcing the arrival of fascist takeover of America because of a few nutcases on the right. I think they need to take a deep breath and a chill pill, stop unduly scaring people, and get a grip. Seriously.

Because what’s going on now is a walk in the park compared to the 60’s with its multiple assassinations and cities burning. The country survived that just fine. We didn’t end up a fascist state either (and yes, some lefties back then were darkly predicting it too. Nixon supposedly had concentration camps and the round up of hippie freaks was imminent. Well, I didn’t get rounded up. Neither did my friends. I’m still waiting.)

There’s been much shocked hysteria about how could the Secret Service let that guy with a gun into the Obama Town hall meeting, like the Secret Service didn’t know what they were doing and squeaky liberals who probably have never owned a gun did. Well, no. I’m guessing the Secret Service probably had matters well in hand and there was never the hint of a threat.

As I blogged recently, the Black Panthers posed with rifles on the steps of the California State Capitol in 1968, and trust me, that set off an enormous squeak fest of fear among the right as well as among many liberals too. The Panthers were just a lit-tle bit too militant for most folks. And things ended rather badly for most of them, just like it probably will for the extremist fringe of the teabaggers. And our democracy will survive that too.


  1. Thanks for the perspective. I agree — a few folks with rifles at meetings is not a sign of anything but increasing frustration. Much as I like Dave Neiwert and Sara Robinson, sounding the alarm about fascism is way off-base. I’m afraid it’s a “if all you have is a hammer” situation…

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