At the risk of being culturally insensitive, I will say

26 November 2015

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Attempt at walkable urbanism is an area where walking is an afterthought

Blogs of Note: Granola Shotgun

25 November 2015

Granola Shotgun focuses on housing developments, apartments and condos, and how they occupy and interact with the space they are in. Sometimes the design works, sometimes not. Posts are long, thoughtful, with lots of photos illustrating the concepts and thoughts. Frankenburb is an example where a nice design for apartments simply doesn’t work because of […]

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Chinese Rea Guard poster

New Regulations to Avoid the Evils of Cultural Appropriation

24 November 2015

New directives concerning cultural appropriation have been released. We must all constantly monitor what everyone says, does, and thinks to insure we are never ever influenced by other cultures. Here are a few. Feel free to add your own in the comments. Mathematics uses Arabic numerals and Arabs invented the concept of the number zero. […]

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Swell Actuated Reverse Osmosis System – SAROS

Wave powered desalination

23 November 2015

Desalination on a small scale is being testing using a low-cost device powered by ocean waves. It can produce enough water per day to be useful in emergencies or to provide water to small communities, plus it is small and completely self-sufficient. “Small scale desalination for people who really need it,” says a co-developer in […]

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U.N Framework Convention on Climate Change

U.N. climate change chief. Capitalism must go

22 November 2015

Let’s unpack this slowly. A stated goal of the U.N Framework Convention on Climate Change is to replace capitalism with something else. The quotes below are accurate. Conservatives howl this means the U.N. favors socialism. If only. Socialists should not start doing the happy dance quite yet, if at all. The real goal is more […]

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New York Banker – Todd Snider

21 November 2015

A true story… “All these years in Arkansas, teachin’ at the high school How was I to know by retirement day I’d learn a lesson so cruel? I came to the day I had waited on Just to find out all the money in our pension was gone We invested in somethin’ called the Abacus […]

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El Nino rainfall 1998. L.A.

El Nino now ginormous, will drench key California drought zone

20 November 2015

The current El Nino is still building and is on track to be bigger than the previous biggest El Nino that hit California in 1998. There is no no chance it will fail and it’s increasingly looking like crucial northern California will get some hefty rains (and southern California will get drenched.) There are better […]

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Our crybaby society, no concept of responsibility or toughness

19 November 2015

Whether it’s college students howling because something upset their delicate sensibilities or Americans saying no to Syrian refugees but also saying no to actually fighting ISIS because that might get icky and bloody, we seem to be morphing into a bunch of softies, like the couch potatoes in Wall-E. And ladies and gentlemen, we have […]

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From 32 to 4 since late July. Could easily drop to 2.

SunEdison, huge renewable energy developer, faces bankruptcy

18 November 2015

Crushing amounts of debt are pummeling SunEdison, the biggest renewable energy developer in the world. Hedge funds, who used to favor the company, are dumping the stock, accelerating SunEdison’s problems. There is an unfortunate misconception that renewable energy companies are so wonderfully squeaky green clean that they are immune from Wall Street and financial machinations. SunEdison […]

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World Climate Summit. Paris 2015

US says Paris Climate Treaty not legally binding

17 November 2015

As is usual before a major climate treaty talk, the US begins to hedge and evade. Oh sure, we talk a great game about being squeaky-green with plentiful renewable energy and lowered carbon emissions. But when it comes time to make an international treaty, well, then the US says it’s not really a treaty thus […]

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