California Sierra Nevada snowpack 19% of normal

04 March 2015

Snow and rain in the Sierras during the winter rainy season are crucial for California water. This year though, March snow readings (PDF) were less than in January and February, the opposite of what normally happens. Barring unexpected deluges of rain, the California drought will continue through 2015, as the rainy season ends on April […]

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Macau gambling revenue craters due to China anti-corruption campaign

03 March 2015

China’s crackdown against corruption and money laundering has demolished Macau gambling. Revenues are expected to be down a whopping 53% this year. Macau gambling has too often been a front for Chinese to bring large amounts of cash to the casinos (with everyone taking a cut along the way) then remaining money would disappear into […]

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California Duck Curve. Too much renewables during day, not enough at night

02 March 2015

About 6% of San Diego CA power comes from rooftop solar. Even this relatively small amount of solar power creates serious problems on the grid. Once solar hits 15%, the problems get more pronounced. This is not just blather from utilities resisting change. When it gets dark, utilities have to ramp up other types of […]

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Old Left, New Left, more than bit bereft

01 March 2015

The Old Left and New Left in the US are indeed bedraggled. One reason is articles like these, well-meaning but almost comical, tomes filled with the history of the Left with little in the way of new ideas. The writing is boring and turgid. There are no images to help make points or liven up […]

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Continuing drought in American West need not be a crisis

28 February 2015

Australia faced a devastating drought a few years ago. Everyone learned to use less water and catastrophe was averted. Water journalist John Fleck says the American West can (and must) do the same, and doing so might not even be that painful.However, for this to happen, everyone must work together. We recently bought a house […]

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California Central Valley water allocations for 2015 are dire

27 February 2015

Bureau of Reclamation allocations for their Central Valley Project is a devastating 0% for farmers and 25% for municipal and industrial contractors. For the second year in a row, valley agriculture will receive no water at all, an unprecedented situation. This will inevitably lead to more wells being drilled, further depleting already stressed aquifers. Once […]

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Snake oil bonds sold to school boards by banksters

26 February 2015

That nice man from the Big Bank explained to us at the school board meeting how their nifty new bonds will save us a bunch of money. True, the bonds are a little hard to understand. But as long as something (I’m not sure what) goes up, our borrowing costs go down! So that means […]

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Populism as a coming force in elections

25 February 2015

Voters increasingly are angry at corruption in high places, cronyism, endless war, and a feeble economy made worse by systematized looting from the top. This is populism. However, for now, populism is┬áspread all over the political spectrum. Should it somehow coalesce, with the various factions coming together on issues they agree on, it would be […]

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Generating power from flow of water in existing water lines

24 February 2015

Lucid Energy installs turbines inside major water mains. The flow of water turns the turbines, creating electricity. Unlike other forms of renewable energy, this is not dependent on the weather, only on downhill water flow, making it excellent for heavy industry, server farms, and more. The video highlights the deep relationship between water and power. […]

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Tesla, and extraordinary delusions and the madness of crowds

23 February 2015

Sorry, but Tesla just isn’t different or revolutionary. There is nothing new or startling about Tesla electric vehicles, which after all, use a technology that has been around since the 1890’s. Ditto for Telsa’s announcement it will build batteries to store solar power for homes. Again, this has already been done by many other companies, […]

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