Chill pills badly needed. Health care activist bites finger off counter-protester

chill pill

Authorities are searching for a healthcare reform activist today who they said bit off the finger of a 65-year-old counter-demonstrator during a fight at a rally in Thousand Oaks.

A MoveOn spokersperson issued a tepid statement calling the incident “regrettable” hoping it won’t detract from their political statement. Because of course their political statement is what’s most important. Sigh.

Here at Polizeros, we wouldn’t call it “regrettable”, rather we would call it “deranged.”


  1. Accounts read and reread here on The High Desert today indicate a bully, who had earlier attempted to intimidate a pro-reform young woman, and in fact struck the assumed finger biter in the face. A fucking punk looking for a fight who got his ass kicked.

    At sixty-five, no doubt Medicare will take care of the finger.

  2. My question is why the hell are 65 year olds out fighting about health care reform? They need to shut up and stay home – after all they got theirs – they shouldn’t be trying to prevent the rest of the country from getting reform done.

    • Not sure why one would needs an overriding personal interest in a cause to protest, else why would whites have marched in civil right protests along with blacks? Or why would I be blogging about torture and rape in Iran jails.

  3. I have ranted before, perhaps even here in this tome, that if we don’t overcome these irrational dependencies on fairy tales we may very well not survive. Though a broad rant addressing our future as a species, Human Beings, in the short and narrow applicable here.

    I see it as further evidence the wheels are coming off, the country is falling apart.

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