Yes, we do have common ground with teabaggers

tea bags

Why? because they’re angry too at the banksters and corptocracy that increasingly controls politics in DC as they loot the country. So says Newshoggers, and I completely agree.

While the tea party movement may have some anti-government bigots they are upset about many of the same things as we progressives. In a post this morning I wrote:

This is just another indication that the US is no longer a Democracy but a Corporatocracy. It may appear that the Democrats and the Republicans are singing different songs but they are all marching to the same drummer. That drummer will be found on Wall Street not Main Street.

This is what really upsets a majority of the teabaggers – and what the original Boston Tea Party was all about, the government taking the side of corporate oligarchs. Of course most of them may not realize it but this is what they are really upset about.

Oh, I think they mostly realize what they’re angry at. Sure, their rage is sometimes unfocused and inchoate. Sometimes it spins off into ugly racism. But at root, it is quite real.

So, rather than insult them as all being knuckle-dragging racists who think Obama is a CommuNazi, let’s find the considerable common ground that exists between us. Because then we’d be unstoppable as a movement.