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Just another stomach-turning coverup by the Catholic Church

Hundreds of children were raped and abused in Philadelphia and the monsignor in charge of investigating it instead shuffled priests around putting more children at risk. And of course they continue to stonewall.

It occurs to me that the only accusations and convictions so far have been against priests, with none against bishops, archbishops, or cardinals. It seems hardly credible that higher-up clergy were not abusing children too. So that’s probably what the cover-up is really about, it’s to protect them.

Yes, I think sexual abuse in the Catholic Church is institutionalized, has been so for many decades, and is practiced at the highest levels. That’s why the stonewalling is so fierce.

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Smoking gun on Vatican coverup of pedophile priests

A newly revealed 1997 letter from the Vatican warned Ireland’s Catholic bishops not to report all suspected child-abuse cases to police — a disclosure that victims groups described as “the smoking gun” needed to show that the Vatican enforced a worldwide culture of cover-up.

The letter definitively shows the Vatican has been consistently lying for many years that they did not engage in a coverup. When you couple this with the continuing Vatican bank scandals about money laundering, the inescapable conclusion is that Vatican essentially is a criminal organization.

This is just another example of the collapse of moral authority of institutions that once were respected. Our banks and legislatures are filled with criminals. So, it appears, are churches.

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Sexual abuse by priests. How long has this been going on?

Sister Mary MacKillop of Australia was canonized by the Vatican. She exposed sexual abuse by priests of minors and in retaliation, the male hierarchy excommunicated her in 1871 and tried to shut down the order she founded. The excommunication was lifted after five months.

While I suppose it’s good the Catholic Church has recognized her, it does show that sexual abuse by priests and cover-ups by the hierarchy go back at least 140 years. The corruption and moral rot in the Catholic Church is pervasive, deep-seated, and has been going on for a very long time indeed.

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Catholic bishop: ‘sex education’ behind church’s child-rape scandal

Yes. Teach a Catholic priest how to use a condom and he simply must rape a child. And then, his boss, Cardinal Ratzinger, must then help to cover up the child rape. All because someone taught a fifth grader where babies come from.

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Thoughts from psychologist who has treated 300 Catholic priests

Leslie Lothstein at the Institute of Living in Hartford CT has treated many sexual predator priests. In a NY Times article, he said:

“I had predicted 15 years ago that this would go up to the pope.”

“It was a surprise for me to see how many psychopaths I met in the priesthood, Glib, callous, could say anything to you and be charming.”

“And I treated half a dozen priests who fathered children, I treated priests who had two children. I treated priests who got women pregnant and got them abortions. I said to one of them, ‘Why didn’t you just use a condom?’ And he said, ‘Because birth control is against the law of the church.’ ”

“I found that [the Church] rarely followed our recommendations, They would put them back into work where they still had access to vulnerable populations.”

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One solution? Let the women in

Negating women is at the heart of the church’s hideous — and criminal — indifference to the welfare of boys and girls in its priests’ care. Lisa Miller writes in Newsweek’s cover story about the danger of continuing to marginalize women in a disgraced church that has Mary at the center of its founding story:

“In the Roman Catholic corporation, the senior executives live and work, as they have for a thousand years, eschewing not just marriage, but intimacy with women … not to mention any chance to familiarize themselves with the earthy, primal messiness of families and children.” No wonder that, having closed themselves off from women and everything maternal, they treated children as collateral damage, a necessary sacrifice to save face for Mother Church.

Take Maurine Behrend as an example — it took a married woman, who would not tolerate the church hierarchy allowing Kiesle to have access to children, to finally put a stop to it. In the 18 pages of church documents, her outraged letter to the Bishop contains the only sane statements.

How are we supposed to have confidence in the system, when nothing is done? A simple phone call to the pastor from the bishop is all that it would take: ‘We do not allow convicted child molesters to work with children in this diocese.’

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More on Catholic Church giving molester priest access to children

What is not clear from Andrew Sullivan’s article or the church documents is that Kiesle [the priest] was defrocked in February 1987 – and yet was *still* working in youth ministry in May 1988:

The only sane voice appearing in the church’s documents is that of Maurine Behrend, who worked in the Oakland diocese’s youth ministry office in the 1980’s (see page 18). She wrote on May 11, 1988:

Dear Br. Haig:

I was not present for your meeting with our staff regarding the procedure for reporting sexual abuse. However, I need to inform you of my concern that a convicted child molester is currently the youth ministry coordinator at St. Joseph’s Parish in Pinole. This fact was reported to you in September when Steve’s name was turned in as coordinator. It was reported again in January when people from St. Anne’s in Union City recognized Steve at Youth Day (and were furious). I reported it to Sister Leonard on April 13 after Steve requested to be a part of the preparations for SPLUNGE, and I mentioned it to the bishop on April 29.

Today, Steve spoke with Peggy regarding his parish’s participation in Beginnings, and on the leadership day he has planned for volunteers NEXT YEAR! Obviously, nothing has been done after EIGHT months of repeated notifications. How are we supposed to have confidence in the system, when nothing is done? A simple phone call to the pastor from the bishop is all that it would take: ‘We do not allow convicted child molesters to work with children in this diocese.’

I need to let you know that because of my personal experience (my husband and I cared for an abused teenager last summer), I personally refuse to speak with Steve, or to include him in on any of the projects I am coordinating. That includes Beginings, SPLUNGE, and Youth Day. Furthermore. I plan to make regular contact with those in authority until he is removed, or until I am given a satisfactory explanation as to why he should be permitted to remain.


Maurine Behrend Office of Youth Ministry

Refreshingly full of outrage, anger, and demands for action, and *still* nobody did anything until Mrs. Behrend personally confronted Oakland Bishop John Cummins.

Kiesle was later sentenced to six years in prison for molesting a girl:

He admitted molesting many children and bragged that he was the Pied Piper and said he tried to molest every child that sat on his lap,” said Lewis VanBlois, an attorney for six Kiesle victims who interviewed the former priest in prison. “When asked how many children he had molested over the years, he said ‘tons.'”

Conclusion: Trumping the Catholic hierarchy’s concern for children is concern that the faithful will be upset, or that there will be a scandal, if a young priest is released from his vows, however pedophilic his tendencies. That is the only official explanation given for placing children in harm’s way. I agree with Andrew Sullivan, who says:

“What’s fascinating in the steady onslaught of new incidences of previous cover-ups of child rape and molestation in the Catholic hierarchy is the notion that the hierarchs tended to see child rape as a sin rather than a crime. Hence the emphasis on forgiveness, therapy, repentance – rather than removal, prosecution and investigation. Obviously, there’s one reason for this: they were defending the reputation of the church by hiding its darkest secrets, and they were using the authority of religion to do so. But I suspect it’s also true that this is how they genuinely thought of child rape or abuse.

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The Pope is a criminal. Seriously

No one must question us or our power

The AP’s story on Joseph Ratzinger’s direct involvement in delaying for six years the defrocking of a priest who had confessed to tying up and raping minors ends any doubt that the future Pope is as implicated in the sex abuse crisis as much as any other official in the church.

Even worse, the boys were pre-teens. Local bishops wanted the priest fired. The priest requested he be defrocked. Ratzinger refused, citing bad publicity for the Church. The priest continued to rape children for several more years. None of these facts are in doubt and Ratzinger’s signature is on the letter.

We see a man utterly corrupted by power and institutional loyalty.

So when does he resign?

Related news:

A Texas youth has filed a lawsuit alleging rape at gunpoint by a local priest and that the bishop, soon to be cardinal of Los Angeles, should have known.

In truly stomach-turning language, the Vatican now says it is willing to meet with sex abuse victims to take part in the Church’s healing process. Truly, it is deeply noble and self-sacrificing of the Vatican to deign to meet with those raped and abused by their own clergy so as to help the Church, not the victims, heal.

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Letter shows future Pope Benedict resisted defrocking molester priest

Ratzinger resisted pleas to defrock the priest over concerns about “the good of the universal church.” AP has a copy of the signed letter.

This destroys Vatican lies that Ratzinger never blocked removal of a priest.

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Disgraced Catholic order was bribing Vatican cardinals to keep quiet

Marcial Maciel started and controlled the Legion of Christ. Right wingers loved them. Pope John Paul II protected them. At its peak, they had a fortune of $33 billion.

Macial was addicted to morphine, sexually abused seminarians, fathered children by two wives. The order has been smashed (finally) and it now appears it was buying the silence of Vatican cardinals by paying them off in cash.

This multiple rapist and bigamist essentially got away with his crimes because he bought silence from key Vatican officials, at the very least by ingratiating himself by donating huge amounts to the church and at the very most by directly bribing key officials with envelopes stuffed with cash.

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