Thoughts from psychologist who has treated 300 Catholic priests

Leslie Lothstein at the Institute of Living in Hartford CT has treated many sexual predator priests. In a NY Times article, he said:

“I had predicted 15 years ago that this would go up to the pope.”

“It was a surprise for me to see how many psychopaths I met in the priesthood, Glib, callous, could say anything to you and be charming.”

“And I treated half a dozen priests who fathered children, I treated priests who had two children. I treated priests who got women pregnant and got them abortions. I said to one of them, ‘Why didn’t you just use a condom?’ And he said, ‘Because birth control is against the law of the church.’ ”

“I found that [the Church] rarely followed our recommendations, They would put them back into work where they still had access to vulnerable populations.”