Sexual abuse by priests. How long has this been going on?

Sister Mary MacKillop of Australia was canonized by the Vatican. She exposed sexual abuse by priests of minors and in retaliation, the male hierarchy excommunicated her in 1871 and tried to shut down the order she founded. The excommunication was lifted after five months.

While I suppose it’s good the Catholic Church has recognized her, it does show that sexual abuse by priests and cover-ups by the hierarchy go back at least 140 years. The corruption and moral rot in the Catholic Church is pervasive, deep-seated, and has been going on for a very long time indeed.


  1. Sinead O’Connor has exposed the oath of silence that the RCC has pushed on its child molestation victims with the threat of excommunication and damnation to back it up. Ratzi easily could release people from the oath of silence, but he refuses to do so.

  2. it’s probably been happening since priests were forced into celibacy, back in 1100 or so.
    “Crimen Solicitacionis” is the official document, written in part by Ratzinger, which orders priests into silence under pain of excommunication.
    They won’t budge on this, because it will cost them their entire faith. They f-ed up bad, and they’re panicking.
    They HELPED child rapists continue to rape kids, and they kept detailed records of every reported incident.

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