Just another stomach-turning coverup by the Catholic Church

Hundreds of children were raped and abused in Philadelphia and the monsignor in charge of investigating it instead shuffled priests around putting more children at risk. And of course they continue to stonewall.

It occurs to me that the only accusations and convictions so far have been against priests, with none against bishops, archbishops, or cardinals. It seems hardly credible that higher-up clergy were not abusing children too. So that’s probably what the cover-up is really about, it’s to protect them.

Yes, I think sexual abuse in the Catholic Church is institutionalized, has been so for many decades, and is practiced at the highest levels. That’s why the stonewalling is so fierce.


  1. It is not news, it is edemic in the institution and has been for centuries. There is a saying, I think it came from the Spanish revolution, but not sure, it goes something like; “we will not be free until the last priest has been hanged from the last crucfix by his own entrails.”
    I’m not advocating such a solution, but obviously something has to be done, it is riddle with this behaviour from top to bottom.

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