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Fuel cell station powered by wind

By building a wind turbine to power a hydrogen production and fueling station, a little hamlet in Long Island is positioning itself as the bellwether for carbon-neutral transportation. The hydrogen will power two Toyota fuel cell Highlanders and a fuel cell / gas bus. Thus, Hempstead NY may become an important test area for fuel […]

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Off planet energy source? Think small

That’s what the U.S. Navy Research Laboratory (NRL) is doing these days. Integrating the NRL developed technologies in microrobotics, microbial fuel cells, and low power electronics, space robotics scientist Dr. Gregory P. Scott at NRL’s Spacecraft Engineering Department inspires a novel autonomous microrover, weighing in at nearly one-kilogram and powered by an advanced microbial fuel […]

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Cleaner coal via using CO2 for fuel cells?

Clean Technica reports that Fuel Cell Energy is getting a DOE grant to evaluate using CO2 from coal emissions along with hydrogen from natural gas to run fuel cells, creating electricity and reducing emissions. But CO2 can not be used as a feedstock for fuel cells. So the whole thing is a bit baffling.

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Fuel cell from Michelin to boost EV mini car

[Michelin], the tire company has decided to develop a fuel cell. That’s right, a tire company developing a hydrogen fuel cell which will go inside a FAM F-City car in France. This will be the first fuel cell vehicle in France to win certification to drive on its roads. The FAM F-City will run mainly […]

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Bioengineering algae to make hydrogen

The scientists say introducing an enzyme into the water in which the algae live suppresses sugar production and increases hydrogen production by about 400 percent without killing the organisms. Ultimately, the bioengineered algae could be used to produce hydrogen on a large scale because algae is abundant, prolific and hardy and there is nothing toxic […]

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