1. Who would want that? I wouldn’t want a gas powered laptop for the same reason… fueling the thing would be a pain. And the weight/life-span would be pretty crappy as well.

    The bigger news is that several other companies have already filed patents on the same type of thing. I don’t see Apple getting this, nor it standing any scrutiny in a court if they do get it through the patent office rubber stamping it. Prior art (and patents) exist, and there’s nothing that new about changing the power source of an electronic device.

      • Would you really want a gas powered television? Even if you only had to refuel it twice a month? Why would you want that?

        And before you start saying “well, gas is smelly, and has dangerous exhaust”, let me remind you that high pressure hydrogen canisters can explode, and at fuel cells create water for exhaust. Do you really want you lap to be wet and/or near an exploding canister? These things make cheep Chinese Lion batteries look safe.

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