Fuel cell from Michelin to boost EV mini car

[Michelin], the tire company has decided to develop a fuel cell. That’s right, a tire company developing a hydrogen fuel cell which will go inside a FAM F-City car in France.

This will be the first fuel cell vehicle in France to win certification to drive on its roads. The FAM F-City will run mainly off its nickel hydride batteries and use the hydrogen fuel cell as a range extender.

I admit it, I’m a sucker for itty bitty, goofy looking, cleantech cars.

Bioengineering algae to make hydrogen

The scientists say introducing an enzyme into the water in which the algae live suppresses sugar production and increases hydrogen production by about 400 percent without killing the organisms.

Ultimately, the bioengineered algae could be used to produce hydrogen on a large scale because algae is abundant, prolific and hardy and there is nothing toxic involved in the process.

Creating hydrogen on a renewable basis at mass scale could be used to power fuel cells, which create energy with no byproducts except water from hydrogen and oxygen.