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Oh noes. US banned from exporting trash to China

Apparently the US is so busy with important things like planning wars that it can’t be bothered with recycling its own trash. So it exports it to China. The sad truth is, garbage is our biggest export. But tragedy has struck, China has enacted strict controls on importing improperly cleaned and sorted recyclables. 68,000 tons […]

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Pacific Northwest: Sending coal to China?

SSA Marine, which is 51% owned by Goldman Sachs, has applied for federal and state permits  to build facilities at Cherry Point to ship coal from the Rocky Mountains to China, thereby making the Pacific Northwest the largest coal exporting region in the country. (As many as half a dozen future sites have been proposed along the […]

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Wukan revolts. The populace ejects the party

China’s Communist Party has for the first time on record, one reporter says, “lost all control.” In what is the culmination of months of unrest over a planned land seizure in Wukan, party officials have been completely ejected from the southern fishing village. The Communist Party’s stratgey of either buying out or crushing opposition is […]

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Mexican cartels now primary source for U.S meth

Thank you, Mexico. Thank you, China. Thank you, corrupt money laundering US banks and hedge funds. The youth of America salutes you. A legitimate pharmaceutical company in India exports cold pills to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, where they are falsely labeled as herbal supplements and shipped to Belize, and then to Veracruz by […]

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The commercial no network will air Alarmist? Crazy? I’m no deficit hawk, but at some point the US needs to realize it can not continue to borrow and print money with no little thought given as to how much is owed and how it will be paid back. Because that puts you in an extremely vulnerable position. Via

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The Chinese coal monster

The Oil Drum Like everything else in China, coal production statistics are simply immense. China now consumes and produces close to 50% of all the coal in the world. Thus, changes in Chinese consumption and / or production may have a dramatic impact upon the global coal market. If their production ever lags consumption then […]

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