Private company says China spying on US. MSM accepts this uncritically


A private company pops out of nowhere and says China is spying on US companies. Further, hacking is coming from a single building in Shanghai and are Chinese Army, they say. Really?

Thus, we are supposed to believe the hackers are smart enough to hack into well-protected US corporate servers but not smart enough to cover their tracks, hide their IP addresses, and not leave tracks in their malware.

These rather extraordinary claims were immediately accepted by mainstream media without question. Just who is the company making the claims? Why were accusations made now? Why has mainstream media been so uncritically accepting of them, especially since there has been little if any actual proof, especially considering the hackers supposedly made apparently stupid rookie mistakes.

Something here does not add up.


  1. Are China and Russia being hacked by US, UK, Europe, or is it all one way traffic? Is our side all so nice and clean and shocked that anybody would hack into another country’s business? Will the media, or to give its real name, that babbling brook of bullshit, report all the hacking being done by the West?
    ann arky;

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