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Eclectics or Dialectics? Unpacking PSL’s Defense of Racist, Collaborationist Tyrannies

Socialists and War: Two Opposing Trends published by Party for Socialism and Liberation (PSL) is as thin politically as it page-wise. Clocking in at 46 pages, most of the book consists of freely available published material: a reprint from PSL’s newspaper, a Dissident Voice interview with Brian Becker who is the national director of PSL’s […]

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No Libyans allowed at ANSWER Libya Forum

Clay Claiborne, who I know from the anti-war days in L.A., details the pinheaded ANSWER Coalition and their physically blocking Libyans from entering their Libya forum. Yes, you read that right. Because, you see, for PSL (the Marxist party that controls ANSWER), it always about them and nothing else. Further, if the US ever supports […]

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Nonviolence does not equal complacency

I went to a protest in Philadelphia this past Saturday, and it was more disheartening than anything else.  It was against the wars and various other injustices, with a special focus on he recent FBI raids of peace activists and Pennsylvania Homeland Security spying on innocent civilians and activists. By the end of it, I […]

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UFJP leadership pretends to oppose the war

Monthly Review details the latest UFJP national conference where they spent inordinate amounts of time discussing procedural issues (always a sign of an organization in decline or crisis) then sort of voted to sort of oppose the Iraq War without, of course, attempting to mend fences with ANSWER so a national protest could be truly […]

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