UFJP leadership pretends to oppose the war

Monthly Review details the latest UFJP national conference where they spent inordinate amounts of time discussing procedural issues (always a sign of an organization in decline or crisis) then sort of voted to sort of oppose the Iraq War without, of course, attempting to mend fences with ANSWER so a national protest could be truly unified. Of course, ANSWER isn’t exactly trying hard either.

UFPJ’s leadership didn’t respond to this call for unity, and instead proposed local actions on March 19 and a spring national mobilization in New York City on April 4. Asserting that the antiwar movement alone isn’t capable of mobilizing sufficient forces and would risk alienating the Black community if it directly confronted Obama, the New York City march will have a slogan “Yes we can . . . End the war” — but will emphasize a broad range of issues, such as corporate crime on Wall Street, the financial crisis, health care, and environmental justice, among other issues.

Like there aren’t plenty of Blacks who oppose the war… The UFJP peace stance, which is primarily coming from their leadership, not the rank and file, is so milquetoast as to be ridiculous. But this jibes with the quixotic long-term goal of their hard left leadership to take control of the left flank of the Democratic Party.

UFJP also appears to think that Obama is somehow a Leftie in disguise.

from one misguided participant:

McNary went on to describe Obama as our “quarterback” — and say that the movement’s task is to “block” for him.

Bzzzt. Obama is a moderate, not a leftie. He will do plenty of things the Left disagrees with. Our job is not to run interference for him, assuming we even had the power to do that.

Unfortunately, UFPJ has created artificial obstacles to building a united movement this spring. But given the new political climate in the U.S., this is hardly the time for inactivity. Antiwar activists should support and mobilize both for the March 21 demonstration in Washington, D.C., as well as UFPJ’s multi-issue April 4 demonstration in New York City.

And how about both organizations stop banging their rattles on the high chair and instead join together to end the wars rather than engage in narrow-minded sectarian infighting designed primarily to boost their membership, status on the left, and hidden agendas?