Redbaiting on Left? Blackout of March 21 antiwar protest?

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John Walsh at Counterpunch says liberals have censored any mention of the upcoming ANSWER antiwar protests this Saturday in DC, LA, and SF because one of the major players is Marxist. Thus, it’s red-baiting by UFJP, MoveOn, and the rest.

Now some in UFPJ have characterized A.N.S.W.E.R. as loony lefties because a leading member is a group calling itself “Marxist-Leninist.”  Zowie, kids!  That is really scary!

That’s a little inaccurate. PSL, the Marxist group being referred to, isn’t a leading member group in ANSWER, it’s more like the only group, the rest being non-players. And before someone foams at the mouth at me about this, I was a member of both groups for quite a while.

There’s been bad blood between UFJP and ANSWER for a long time. So it’s hardly news that UFJP isn’t supporting ANSWER now. Besides, founder of UFJP Leslie Cagan was a member of the Communist Party before founding a splinter group, the Committees of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism. So, I’m unclear how an alleged blackout of an antiwar march by one red against another could be called red-baiting.

But that’s not what’s happening. Rather, everyone is almost completely focused on the economy, Ponzi schemes, AIG, job loss, the recession, etc, The war is not front page news now. That’s why it looks like turnout for Saturday’s protests will be dismal. People are preoccupied with the economy. It’s not because of supposed red-baiting.

The ANSWER protest in DC this Saturday will deliver coffins to corporate offices of companies profiting from the war. A dramatic gesture perhaps, but one that will not resonate much in these economic hard times. Maybe a better tactic would have been to tie the antiwar protests to the enormous amounts of money spent there which could be better spent here to help our own citizenry. Now that would have resonance.


  1. Coffins to the doorstep. That’s a dramatic gesture, I like it, even though it’s not original. Catholic activists have been doing that annually at the School of the Americas (now WHISC) for decades. It’s nice to see that someone noticed.

    • I just took the “Which deviation are you” test for lefties on Facebook and flunked miserably. Apparently I am a dreaded social democrat due to my inability to accept proper doctrine. 🙂

      “Bob took Which deviation are you? quiz and the result is Social-democrat

      You foolishly cling to a belief that revolutionary goals can be achieved by parliamentary methods. While it is true that capitalism will be overcome due to its internal contradictions, it will be done only through dedicated and resolute action from organised working class. In history, nothing is certain – except for 20 years of reeducation for you, revisionist bastard”

      While I have denounced myself publicly on Facebook, I fear my fall from grace is irreversible.

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