No Libyans allowed at ANSWER Libya Forum

Clay Claiborne, who I know from the anti-war days in L.A., details the pinheaded ANSWER Coalition and their physically blocking Libyans from entering their Libya forum. Yes, you read that right.

Because, you see, for PSL (the Marxist party that controls ANSWER), it always about them and nothing else. Further, if the US ever supports something, in the Manichean world of PSL it becomes instantly wrong. Always. Shades of gray are never permitted. And the other side must then automatically be supported. I can’t think of a better example of how the hard left has marginalized itself almost completely than this increasingly bizarre micro-cult. In practice, they are indistinguishable from the fanatic Christians they detest.

(I was in ANSWER then PSL for a bit. Got purged but was walking away from their Loony Tunes world anyway. “I used to be disgusted, but now I’m just amused.” Onward.)


  1. Yeah, they definitely like to shut people up. Actually, I think they relish silencing people.
    I don’t think they get how bad it looks when they refuse to allow debate on issues.
    They are just arrogant and full of themselves, they can’t get past their own chauvinism. Which is deeply ironic given all the lip service they pay to “liberation”. Speaking from experience, I can tell you the only working people or people of color they like are those that are obedient and tow the line.
    I guess we shouldn’t be too surprised by this, given their other pathological and dishonest behavior.

    • They believe in the Gospel of St. Karl of Marx as interpreted by the Becker brothers who are inerrant.

      It’s almost comical, they perceive themselves as somehow leading the Glorious People’s Victory Over Capitalism. All 400 of them with no discernible following outside of themselves. The Empire trembles in response.

      • I think 400 might be a little generous, lol. Don’t knock Marx, though. There are certainly more than enough people who misinterpret or read their own desires into texts. The smug character of the Becker’s is comical but more in a macabre or grotesque fashion. Anyways, enough venting. The more these ANSWER/PSL people act like arrogant sociopaths the more people will learn how they really are.

        • Well, as Marx himself famously said, “I am not a Marxist.” Tactics need to change over time. That’s what the PSL’s of the world don’t get. It’s not Russia in 1917 anymore and they aren’t Lenin. That world no longer exists yet they still live in it.

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