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US kills children in Afghanistan, labels them potential threats


The US admits killing innocent children in Afghanistan. Rather than accept responsibility and insure it never happens again, they’ve simply re-labelled all children as potential threats. Those weren’t kids digging holes in the dirt, they were possible wannabe terrorists. This is what passes for rational thinking in the military now. Sure, some Afghan kids are hostile, just like the drug cartels have 15 year old assassins. But it is sickening and deranged for our military to assume all children are after they killed some of them accidentally. And the deliberately clinical and antiseptic language simply heightens their derangement.

It kind of opens our aperture,” said Army Lt. Col. Marion “Ced” Carrington, whose unit, 1st Battalion, 508th Parachute Infantry Regiment, was assisting the Afghan police. “In addition to looking for military-age males, it’s looking for children with potential hostile intent.”

And it’s 1,2,3
what are we fighting for?
Don’t ask me, I don’t give a damn
Next stop is Afghanistan.

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Afghan probe finds 15-20 US Soldiers involved in killings

From Polizeros pal Steve Hynd at The Agonist.

Something here stinks and, frankly, I think Afghans have been in general far more reliable about their accounts of civilian killings than the Pentagon has.

There will be Hell to pay if there was a death squad and the Pentagon is covering it up.

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Afghanistan murders. Up close & personal

The 16 civilians murdered in Afghanistan allegedly by a US sergeant happened in one of the few areas of the planet with a concentration of my very very rare Y-Chromosome DNA Haplogroup/Subclade, “G2c.”

So, as I ponder the insanity of these killings it’s not some sort of abstraction that happened to faceless people in a faraway part of the world. Some of the people who were killed may very well have been my relatives.

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Polizeros Radio. Peasants with pitchforks, Obama, debt ceiling, Afghanistan

We had a wide-ranging show last night, with Keith Boyea joining Steve Hynd and myself.

Listen to the show on BlogTalkRadio or on iTunes.


Both parties are quite willing to fund-raise off the debt ceiling kabuki, oblivious and uncaring of the consequences, which could include a government shutdown, mortgage rates spiking, and a downgrade of US debt. What accounts for such madness in DC? They are out of touch, remote, and unconcerned with the public. And the peasants with pitchforks are getting increasingly restless.

With the recent assassinations, Afghanistan moves even closer to civil war. The US stomps about with no clear objectives or definable goals. Libya is even worse, what with the rebel leader being killed by an apparent splinter group. Keith, who lives in DC, says foreign policy wonks debate about what our stance should be towards Mongolia, resolute in their belief that the funding will always be there. As to why we need a policy towards Mongolia, they’ve no clue, much less why we continually have wars.

Obama is the American Tony Blair, says Steve. He has the ability to make people think he believes what they do. But in reality, Obama is neither left nor right. He is a corporatist and resolutely champions their interests as well as those of the war machine. He didn’t sell out the left because he never was part of it to begin with.

Perry is now second to Romney in the polls. we all agreed what is needed is some serious third-party challenges because if the next president is Obama, Romney, or Perry, the endless wars will continue and civil liberties will continue to be shredded.

Me, I think we need millions of people in the streets. Further, I think it could happen and be across the board politically too. People are fuming, Congress and the White House are losing their legitimacy as we all see how inept, insular, and compromised they are. Something will crack. Real dissent is coming, I think.

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Polizeros Radio podcast returns tonight

Tonight Steve Hynd and I welcome our new co-host, Keith Boyea, who blogs about national security, veterans issues, and current affairs. (Josh Mull, who had the original idea for the podcast had to drop out due to work commitments. Big thanks to Josh for getting this started and rolling!)

Show topics tonight

  • Steve says, “Bush was America’s Thatcher, Obama is America’s Tony Blair.” Has Obama betrayed liberals and progressives or, more likely, was he never one to begin with?
  • The assassination of the mayor of Kandahar, is there a possibility of civil war there?
  • The debt ceiling train wreck.

Listen to the show live at Polizeros Radio on BlogTalkRadio. You can also listening by calling 626-414-3492. The show is tonight at 8:30 PM PT (9:30 PM MT, 10:30 PM CT, 11:30 PM ET.)

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Polizeros podcast. Afghanistan pseudo-withdrawal. Huntsman

On last night’s podcast, I announced that CAIVN will be running a series on in-depth articles on the California prison mess. The series kicks off on Monday with an introductory article (I’ll repost it here) discussing the multitude of issues.  These includes the Supreme Court ruling that California prisons are cruel and unusual punishment because of overcrowding, how the Three Strikes sentencing creates overcrowded prisons, unfunded federal mandates, health care concerns and rising costs for aging inmates, the power of the prison guards union, drugs and rehabilitation, the prison-industrial complex, privatization of prisons, and more.

Steve Hynd detailed how Obama’s announced troop reduction in Afghanistan will actually mean that more troops will be there at the end of his first term than at the start. This is progress? Worse, the plan is for the remaining tens of thousands of troops to be in a “support” role by 2014. That’s right, 2014. This doesn’t sound like the war will be ending any time soon.

We both discussed Huntsman, and agreed that he seems to have considerable hidden support from powerful business interests, along with a telegenic persona, and the ability to move through multiple levels of political strata without riling the waters. In short, he reminds of Obama in early 2008. So, who is backing him?

Finally, while many of the listeners of the podcast are lefties, most of the subscribers on BlogTalkradio are sharply right-wing, and while we often favor libertarian views, are baffled as to why this is. Ideas, anyone?

With Steve Hynd of Newshoggers and myself. Josh Mull (@joshmull) couldn’t make it tonight.

Listen to the show on BlogTalkRadio or on iTunes.

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Podcast tonight. Afghanistan withdrawal. Conventions on Left and Right

Obama’s Afghan tepid Afghanistan withdrawal announcement was righfully criticized by many. Netroots Nation and Right Online recently had conventions and both left and right are internally split on some issues.

With Steve Hynd of Newshoggers, Josh Mull (@joshmull) and myself. Join us!

To listen to the show live, go to Polizeros Radio on BlogTalkRadio. You can also listening by dialing in at 626-414-3492. The show is tonight at 8:30 PM PT (9:30 PM MT, 10:30 PM CT, 11:30 PM ET.)

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Polizeros podcast. Rick Perry gains by Gingrich implosion

"I was for health care before I was against it, opposed federal bailout money until I didn't, and strongly support all of my previous positions. Thank you"

Steve Hynd, who lives in Texas, makes a convincing case that Rick Perry could become the Republican candidate for president in 2012 after Newt Gingrich’s campaign crated yesterday. Perry could be a compromise candidate, given the weak field and hard-right Tea Partiers who will split that vote among themselves. He is glib, telegenic, able to speak out several sides of his mouth at once, and politically experienced. Dodgy land deals and his previous statements calling for Texas to secede from the Union could hurt him should he get the nomination though.

Hynd, Josh Mull, and myself discuss Perry and the rest of the Republican field as well as the endless wars of the United States. Only the top brass and the D.C. talking heads say the wars are winnable. Soliders on the ground say otherwise.

Listen to the show on BlogTalkRadio or on iTunes.

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Afghanistan wind turbines pump water to formerly dry land

The turbines pump water onto new cropland or into holding areas for when there is no wind. This is an ancient use of wind, but is being used for the first time in Afghanistan in areas where there is no electricity.

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Polizeros Radio. Eric Martin interview

Libya no-fly zone, NPR sting, 2012 elections, Afghanistan war, and more.

Eric Martin is senior Editor of ProgressiveRealist.org “a metablog about American foreign policy.”

With Steve Hynd of Newshoggers, and Josh Mull of Firedoglake & Rethink Afghanistan and myself.

Listen to the show on BlogTalkRadio or on iTunes.

Download the mp3.

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