Unite Against The War on Women reportback

What happened yesterday is a new beginning in a new wave of activism. If there is one thing I can suggest however, is that if you think you can be complacent about your rights and your liberties without being an activist, guess again. There is a war going on in America. It’s a great cultural war in which control freaks and religious fanatics are trying to turn the clock back about 60 years, if not more. You can enlist in the cause of women’s liberation or you can stand on the sidelines and watch as your right to control the uses of your own body slip away.

What is Mount Kellett thinking

I imagine the PRI and PRD will be real thrilled that Baja Mining may be taken over by a company whose COO is so far to the right he backs candidates who say Obama is socialist. That alone is bad. But when it gets around in Mexico that Mount Kellett COO Jonathan D. Fiorello contributed money to a candidate who wants to deport millions of Mexican citizens back to Mexico, that may raise historical hackles that rankle Mexicans in the extreme.

Mount Kellett’s war on workers

One characteristic of the so-called 1% that are the new economic royalists of the world is that they can afford to kick in serious amounts of money to politicians who they believe will support their economic interests and social agendas. Mark Edward McGoldrick of Mount Kellett Capital Management is one of this new class of nobility who can afford to do just that.

Read about their political contributions

Afghanistan murders. Up close & personal

The 16 civilians murdered in Afghanistan allegedly by a US sergeant happened in one of the few areas of the planet with a concentration of my very very rare Y-Chromosome DNA Haplogroup/Subclade, “G2c.”

So, as I ponder the insanity of these killings it’s not some sort of abstraction that happened to faceless people in a faraway part of the world. Some of the people who were killed may very well have been my relatives.