US kills children in Afghanistan, labels them potential threats


The US admits killing innocent children in Afghanistan. Rather than accept responsibility and insure it never happens again, they’ve simply re-labelled all children as potential threats. Those weren’t kids digging holes in the dirt, they were possible wannabe terrorists. This is what passes for rational thinking in the military now. Sure, some Afghan kids are hostile, just like the drug cartels have 15 year old assassins. But it is sickening and deranged for our military to assume all children are after they killed some of them accidentally. And the deliberately clinical and antiseptic language simply heightens their derangement.

It kind of opens our aperture,” said Army Lt. Col. Marion “Ced” Carrington, whose unit, 1st Battalion, 508th Parachute Infantry Regiment, was assisting the Afghan police. “In addition to looking for military-age males, it’s looking for children with potential hostile intent.”

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what are we fighting for?
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