Polizeros Radio. Peasants with pitchforks, Obama, debt ceiling, Afghanistan

We had a wide-ranging show last night, with Keith Boyea joining Steve Hynd and myself.

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Both parties are quite willing to fund-raise off the debt ceiling kabuki, oblivious and uncaring of the consequences, which could include a government shutdown, mortgage rates spiking, and a downgrade of US debt. What accounts for such madness in DC? They are out of touch, remote, and unconcerned with the public. And the peasants with pitchforks are getting increasingly restless.

With the recent assassinations, Afghanistan moves even closer to civil war. The US stomps about with no clear objectives or definable goals. Libya is even worse, what with the rebel leader being killed by an apparent splinter group. Keith, who lives in DC, says foreign policy wonks debate about what our stance should be towards Mongolia, resolute in their belief that the funding will always be there. As to why we need a policy towards Mongolia, they’ve no clue, much less why we continually have wars.

Obama is the American Tony Blair, says Steve. He has the ability to make people think he believes what they do. But in reality, Obama is neither left nor right. He is a corporatist and resolutely champions their interests as well as those of the war machine. He didn’t sell out the left because he never was part of it to begin with.

Perry is now second to Romney in the polls. we all agreed what is needed is some serious third-party challenges because if the next president is Obama, Romney, or Perry, the endless wars will continue and civil liberties will continue to be shredded.

Me, I think we need millions of people in the streets. Further, I think it could happen and be across the board politically too. People are fuming, Congress and the White House are losing their legitimacy as we all see how inept, insular, and compromised they are. Something will crack. Real dissent is coming, I think.

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