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Bing now 13th biggest web site in US

After just one month, Microsoft’s re-launched search engine Bing is the 13th most visited site on the web. It’s a seriously excellent search engine too.

This as Google announced their Chrome operating system to compete with Windows.

PS Tech blogger Robert Scoble said on Friendfeed that Microsoft has a big announcement coming this Monday, big enough apparently to make Google pre-announce this week about Chrome. And indeed Microsoft does. Office is coming to the cloud.

The Borg is back in town

All reports are that Windows 7, Microsoft’s coming replacement for Vista, is seriously good, bug-free, and powerful. This is even coming from hardcore geeks who loathe Vista and expected to hate Windows 7. Instead, they like it.

Microsoft recently released Bing, their new search engine. The same thing is happening. Reviewers who assumed they would mock it say it shows great promise and sometimes even now, it returns better results than Google.

Never, ever count Microsoft out. The Battle of the Titans now is Microsoft vs. Google for control of the desktop and cloud. Because, if Google has their way, they will in effect invent their own OS for use on the Net. The net is the computer. And coming seemingly out of nowhere, in a black swanish way, is the real time web in the form of social networking sites and their threat to the established search engine paradigm.