The Borg is back in town

All reports are that Windows 7, Microsoft’s coming replacement for Vista, is seriously good, bug-free, and powerful. This is even coming from hardcore geeks who loathe Vista and expected to hate Windows 7. Instead, they like it.

Microsoft recently released Bing, their new search engine. The same thing is happening. Reviewers who assumed they would mock it say it shows great promise and sometimes even now, it returns better results than Google.

Never, ever count Microsoft out. The Battle of the Titans now is Microsoft vs. Google for control of the desktop and cloud. Because, if Google has their way, they will in effect invent their own OS for use on the Net. The net is the computer. And coming seemingly out of nowhere, in a black swanish way, is the real time web in the form of social networking sites and their threat to the established search engine paradigm.


  1. Interesting. I always wait until a year or two into a new version before getting it. The real tests are when the hackers start trying to hack your computer in the real world.

  2. Spot on. I’m running seven on one of my “black boxes”, and based on both that and my many years experience teaching, supporting and transitioning M$ OS users from nine-x to 2000 and XP recently “consulted” what may become the biggest client of my fledgling “consulting” business to wait in transitioning from 2000 to… seven. The only drawback, so to speak, I see is that it is a very “corporate friendly” OS and for home users conman1’s suggestion to wait a bit is as spot on.

    I’m thinkin’ this could be a money maker for Black Cat Computers (shameless whore;)).

  3. I’ve had great respect for MSFT though I am mainly a Linux guy. MSFT has the manpower (and the money) to do great things; they hire some very brilliant people, sometimes at the same level as Google, so they can develop some very interesting things.

    I am very tempted to install the latest preview version of Windows 7, will probably do once I get the change of prying my laptop from my wife’s hands.

    But I’ll keep my Chrome (when in Windows) and my whole Kubuntu desktop, thank you very much! 🙂

  4. I did not give a rats tail when I header Bing was coming out. Now – I find myself stopping over to a couple times a day. I don’t know if I can give up my google and igoogle, but there is some attraction to bing.

    I also agree with Connecticut Man 1 in that I always wait before I install a new microsoft version. But, with all the good press and decent reviews, I might be an early converter.

    I love having my linux around too and agree with Kubuntu – clean and fast. I am wishin for the day when I can have all my tools on a single box (and not running in virtual box).

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