Bing now 13th biggest web site in US

After just one month, Microsoft’s re-launched search engine Bing is the 13th most visited site on the web. It’s a seriously excellent search engine too.

This as Google announced their Chrome operating system to compete with Windows.

PS Tech blogger Robert Scoble said on Friendfeed that Microsoft has a big announcement coming this Monday, big enough apparently to make Google pre-announce this week about Chrome. And indeed Microsoft does. Office is coming to the cloud.

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  • Wouldn’t office in the cloud lead to even slower functionality. The speed and tasks are now limited by network, not just your own personal PC. I see a niche market for an office cloud, kind of like google docs today, but I am having a hard time seeing the office clound in mainstream business and home use.

  • i think that Bing is not as good as Google. Google would still index new websites faster than Bing. Microsoft would still need a lot of catching to do with GoogleBot.

  • I use both Bing and Google search engine and i dont see much difference in their search results. I use google for searching hard to find academic topics and Bing for general search.