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If you wish. Tomorrow morning on Breakfast in Bend my guest will Howard Wooldridge, co-founder of LEAP – Law Enforcement Against Prohibition. Wooldridge is a retired detective who has spent the last six years representing in the US Congress those law enforcement professionals who oppose our prohibition approach to some drugs. In 2003 Wooldridge rode his horse Misty from Savannah Georgia to Newport Oregon, and now he is back in the saddle riding his bicycle – like a Paul Revere, to urge Americans to repeal marijuana prohibition and treat marijuana like alcohol – back to Georgia. Join Alan, Phil and I as well as whomever happens to wander through the studio as we visit with Howard and kick out some Free Speech Radio News Headlines, local weather, community events and anything of science I might find interesting at four or five in the morning. Brew up some tea, seven o’clock.

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On arrogance and pine bark beetles

Pine bark beetle devastation (fs.usda)

We oft hear from those who doubt the climate is changing or the world is older than a mere six thousand years that it is arrogant to presume that we mere humans could possibly have an affect upon our planet. It is, after all, a big place that has experienced many changes down through the eons, and the thought that we could “destroy” it, or make uninhabitable to humans, is generally unfathomable. Fathom this, climate change and pine bark beetles”¦

Arrogance, and the Mountain Pine Bark Beetle at the Independent Voter Network.

Don’t tell me it is arrogant to presume that we mere humans could have an affect upon our planet. I’ve watched it happen.