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Bob Morris

Bob Morris, the webmaster, is interested in the political ramifications of cleantech, climate change, and the economic crisis as well as leftie, antiwar, and social issues. From 2004-2007 he was active in the antiwar movement in Los Angeles and helped organize demonstrations that drew hundreds of thousands of protesters. From 2001-2003, he was Co-Coordinator of the Green Party of Los Angeles County Council.

Democratic primaries / caucuses
The Democratic primaries and caucuses are proportional, not winner takes all. If a candidate gets 30% of the vote, they get 30% of the delegates. With an important caveat. They must poll at least 15% to get delegates. Any candidate…

Puerto Rico microgrids operational after earthquakes

Microgrids were installed in ten Puerto Rico schools after Hurricane Maria. They are running and providing electricity to buildings and water pumps after the recent earthquakes. Puerto Rico could use hundreds more microgrids (as could we all!) The important thing…