Bob Morris

Bob Morris

Bob Morris, the webmaster, is interested in the political ramifications of cleantech, climate change, and the economic crisis as well as leftie, antiwar, and social issues. From 2004-2007 he was active in the antiwar movement in Los Angeles and helped organize demonstrations that drew hundreds of thousands of protesters. From 2001-2003, he was Co-Coordinator of the Green Party of Los Angeles County Council.

Lithium and geothermal in Hell’s Kitchen

Lithium geothermal

The Salton Sea in southern California contains one-third of the world’s lithium supply. It’s an inland saline sea in a baking hot, unforgiving area. The lithium is contained in geothermal liquids, which have been harnessed for decades to create electricity.…

Gambling winnings and taxes

I do taxes in Vegas and see too many people get blindsided by gambling winnings. If you win over certain amounts, the casino sends you (and the IRS) W2-Gs detailing the winnings. But they do not document losses. Which is…