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Bob Morris

Bob Morris, the webmaster, is interested in the political ramifications of cleantech, climate change, and the economic crisis as well as leftie, antiwar, and social issues. From 2004-2007 he was active in the antiwar movement in Los Angeles and helped organize demonstrations that drew hundreds of thousands of protesters. From 2001-2003, he was Co-Coordinator of the Green Party of Los Angeles County Council.

Biden presidency means many things will change fast

About one millisecond after Biden is inaugurated: Executive orders will be sent reversing however many of Trump’s executive orders need to be reversed. New EOs may well be issued on Covid, the economy, climate change, and systemic racism. Heads of…

Hardiness. Embrace the chaos

My sister wrote this. It’s aimed at her business clients, and is about developing hardiness in treacherous and uncertain times. Some apparently are born with hardiness. However, it can be developed and nurtured too. These thoughts on hardiness are completely…