Whataboutism is the enemy of toppling Trump


If we want to take down Trump, it needs to be full throttle. That’s why this RSN article by my friend William Boardman about impeachment seems weak tea to me. It barely favors impeachment, and has lots of qualifiers and whataboutism. No. That’s not how we destroy Trump politically. And he needs to be destroyed.

It’s unfortunately common on the hard left to say there are few differences between Democratic and Republican parties. Impeachment and Trump’s criminality blows all that up. Yeah, as it turns out, there are really big differences. And we are seeing these differences quite clearly now. Adam Schiff just said what has come before was just warming up. The really insane battles are ahead. I’ve no doubt Trump will fall. However the more who work solidly for that the better.

Yes, I know Democrats have done horrible things. However that is irrelevant to Trump’s criminality and contempt for rule of law. Also, the far left, especially the socialist and Marxist left, has been useless on Trump, something I discussed in a previous blog post. And I was in one of those groups once and thus do know the territory. At at time they should be organizing hard against an extremist right wing racist in the White House they are doing nothing. Part of the problem is whataboutism.

Never Trump started on Twitter. Some Never Trumpers on Twitter now have PACs, write books, and are on cable news – and routinely get credible death threats, have had their wives and children threatened with violence and rape. One had his home invaded by cops with tape over their badges who threatened his kids. And yet they persist. So I’m not interested in theoretical discussions or whataboutism.

From Boardman’s article:

“In the real world, Ukraine got its military aid (late) and the Ukrainian president did not get any White House visit. That would be a quid pro nunc.”

No, even offering a quid pro quo, as Trump did, is a felony. Full stop. This is not a legal gray area. It’s quite clear under campaign finance law.

“Whether anyone’s investigating the Bidens remains unclear, no matter how deserved.”

Ukraine prosecutor did investigate and found nothing. Saying Hunter Biden getting $50k a month for consulting (which is routine DC stinky) is somehow akin to what Trump is doing is whataboutism, and unhelpful because it detracts from taking down Trump.

“To the extent that the official impeachment inquiry is designed to protect Joe Biden, it’s yet another corrupt Democratic Party scheme designed to interfere with an election and defraud the American public.”

Huh? Impeachment is just a devious ploy to get Biden elected? And interferes with an election? The process of impeachment is in the Constitution. So how can starting impeachment be interfering?

There can be no progressive agenda until Trump is gone. So, unchain the war dogs. And do whatever it takes to topple him.

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