Socialist parties in US mostly studiously ignoring Trump

U.S. socialist parties

You might think socialist parties in the US would mobilize against a racist deranged criminal in the White House as a perfect example of all that is wrong with America.

Nope. Instead these socialist parties are almost entirely not organizing on Trump corruption but instead are focusing on other issues, the more obscure the better.

I checked every socialist site on this Wikipedia page. The sites are almost completely ignoring Trump. DSA has a minor post about Bernie, but other than that the sites are crickets about the Orange Toddler in the White House.

The Wikipedia page didn’t list Workers World, PSL, or RCP. WW and PSL had nothing on Trump.

RCP did have a deranged rant, and I quote “Last night, the Democratic Speaker of the House Nancy “Piglosi” Pelosi initiated impeachment proceedings against Donald “Mein Trumpf” Trump.”

Yeah, that’ll really get people motivated. And, of course, RCP ended their rant by urging readers to join their Communist cult focused on leader Bob Avakian.

The articles on these socialist / Marxist sites could have been written 10, 20, 30, 50 years ago. Only the names and events are different. It’s like a freaking time capsule. Glorious Workers Revolution is imminent. Right.

The real question though is why they mostly refuse to mobilize against an extremist right-wing threat. I mean, supposedly they live to confront such things.

1) They don’t really care about organizing, except to build their little bitty group.

2) The groups are infiltrated by govt informants, agent provocateurs, etc. This is not paranoia but I think obvious fact.

3) Lost in Marxist dogma, they don’t understand the current world and keep trying to jam what is happening into their sacred concepts, which are inerrant.

Most seem to function to channel genuine dissent into dead ends where it is neutralized.

DSA might be genuinely different. It’s too soon to tell.

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