Trump’s offer to Ukraine was bribery and is impeachable


Trump is weakened and damaged by the Ukraine bribery whistleblower. Let’s ramp up attacks against Trump. No rest until he is gone. This includes putting pressure on the House to impeach.

Let’s be clear. The whistleblower complaint involves Trump offering the Ukraine president guns and money if Ukraine restarted a bogus investigation of Joe Biden’s son Hunter. That is bribery and it is an impeachable offense. Period. Also, the allegations against Hunter have been investigated previously and are rubbish.

Rudy Giuliani went on CNN last night, screeching mad and insane, howling about conspiracies against him and Trump, contradicting himself repeatedly, and in one especially memorable moment yowled “Truth isn’t truth.” Trump was twitchy and evasive this morning at a press conference about it, his increasing dementia becoming obvious.

Giuliani essentially said, yeah, it was bribery. The countdown begins until Trump purges Giuliani. It won’t be long until Rudy feels the full effects of #EDDT.

Giuliani appeared on CNN on Thursday night and defended Trump as if there were some kind of a quid pro quo involving foreign aid and investigating the Bidens. (Giuliani will often be dispatched to head off bad stories for Trump, though sometimes he doesn’t have his facts straight.)

“The reality is the president of the United States has every right to say to another leader of a foreign country, ‘You got to straighten up before we give you a lot of money,’ ” Giuliani said. “It is perfectly appropriate for [Trump] to ask a foreign government to investigate this massive crime that was made by a former vice president.”

TPM has more.

In sum, the scandal is about allegations that Trump – in part via his attorney Rudy Giuliani – applied Tony Soprano-style pressure on the Ukrainian government to produce information that could damage Democratic frontrunner Joe Biden, and which could discredit the prosecution of Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort for Ukraine-related financial misdeeds.

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