Trump’s dementia will only get worse until they can no longer pretend

Dementia word cloud

Trump’s frenzied ranting about Sharpiegate is a clear example of his increasing dementia. Trump is not rational, cannot let it go, keeps quadruping down. Maybe a year ago he could bluster his way out of it. However, everyone knows he is lying now. Except him, possibly. I mean, someone at the White House leaked that Trump himself altered the map with a sharpie. He is ranty grandpa who needs the car keys taken from him.

His handlers desperately continue to cover up. Trump’s public appearances since his enfeebled G7 showing have been greatly limited. Trump has only appeared in public for two hours in the past ten days and when he does, speaks oddly and often has a tantrum about something.

Dementia is irreversible and only gets worse. Trump will become increasingly confused and impaired. By Christmas he’ll be an obvious mess. Scaramucci thinks Trump will be gone by March, a victim of senility and bad poll numbers. If by some chance Trump hangs on past March, he will be in no condition for the Republican convention in July. Trump has already said he won’t campaign much and he will be in no condition to participate in a debate. He’s going to have to be replaced. That means human cardboard mannequin Mike Pence will become president and there will be a civil war in the Republican Party.

Tom Joseph has been tweeting about Trump’s deterioration for quite a while. He lost three family members to forms of dementia, has researched it for years, and invested in in biotech companies looking for ways to ease symptoms.

Some selected tweets from Tom @TomJChicago. He’s definitely worth following on Twitter.

It doesn’t matter what states do to block Trump’s GOP challengers. These states will look foolish as his impairment continues to worsen. He was dragging both feet at the G7 & is humiliating himself every time he appears in public-only 2 hrs in the last 10 days. It gets much worse

Pence faces diminishing returns by not acting. His inaction is going to hurt him w/ the GOP. There are contenders. Each day he doesn’t make a bold move he looks weak. I’d give it 60-40 odds that there will be serious conflict between Trump & Pence factions.

“Trump’s activity has slowed to a trickle.” That’s what dementia does. It’s hard to be in public. As predicted, we are seeing less of Trump. Short bursts at best. MSM, of course, notices his stunted schedule bc they, unlike Dotard, are actually working.

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