Prediction: Trump will not be the Republican nominee in 2020

Trump. Frontotemporal Dementia

Trump is in the accelerating stages of dementia now and will not be the Republican nominee in 2020. As an example, his public statements this week were incoherent, unfocused word salad. His response to Macron’s statement to him yesterday at the G7 were embarrassing. Trump rambled about the nice weather during his last visit, said nothing of substance, and responded to nothing that Macron said, probably because he didn’t understand any of it. And his dementia is going to get increasingly worse and more obvious. We should prepare and plan for this. He is also a horrible excuse for a human being and the dementia will make all of that worse.

Behind the scenes, Republicans understand full well what is happening. That’s why they are so silent. Top Republican politicians want Trump gone as soon as possible, says a reliable source. Perhaps they feel no particular need to oppose Trump hard in public because they assume dementia is going to take him out of the race. That means the frontrunners for Republican nominee would be Pence, who has the charisma of a cardboard box, and Nikki Haley who is a two-faced snake like Sen. Collins from Maine. Pretends to be moderate. Isn’t. In the event of a non-Trump candidate, Democrats should still make the election be entirely about Trump. Let’s not let his enablers slither away.

Rick Wilson recent article on Trump’s ongoing collapse focuses on his Stalinist statement that US companies must stop doing business with China.

Donald Trump’s affect, speech patterns and overall delivery this week have been alternately horrifying and hilarious. A combination of waking hallucinations, verbal tics, lies surpassing even his usual fabulist standard, aphasias and lunatic blurtings, each public utterance was a moment where the eye of his aides either popped or rolled, depending on their level of cynicism.

Really, comrade? Is that part of the Five-Year Plan? How’s the beet harvest looking this year? Will the Stakhanovite efforts of the peoples’ vanguard at Comrade Newton Leroy Gingrich Heavy Machinery Plant 14 in the Wisconsin Oblast meet the tractor quota?

Dementia never get better. It only gets worse. Tom Joseph details in excruciating detail in a Tweet thread what Trump’s mental and physical decline will be like. (Joseph is a biotech investor, earched dementia for years, lost both parents and a sister to varying types of dementia and learned early to watch for symptoms in himself because he was at risk, until a genetic test cleared him.)

Those who covered for him will be in real trouble.

The enablers are going to pay. Fast forward to 2021 Congressional hearings- Adam Schiff questioning Hogan Gidley, Sarah Sanders, Mick Mulvaney, Dr Ronny during Congressional hearings “You may think it’s OK to help someone w/ dementia play make believe president….But I don’t.”

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