Breaking: Entergy shutting down Vermont Yankee nuclear plant


The aging Vermont Yankee nuclear plant is way past its recommended lifetime. There have been continuing protests calling for it to be shut. William Boardman has written a series of articles about it here at Polizeros.

In a surprise announcement, Entergy says the plant will operate until 4th quarter 2014, then be decommissioned

Making the decision now and operating through the fourth quarter of 2014 allows time to duly and properly plan for a safe and orderly shutdown and prepare filings with the NRC regarding shutdown and decommissioning. Entergy will establish a decommissioning planning organization responsible for planning and executing the safe and efficient decommissioning of the facility. Once the plant is shut down, workers will de-fuel the reactor and place the plant into SAFSTOR, a process whereby a nuclear facility is placed and maintained in a condition that allows it to be safely secured, monitored and stored.