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Breaking: Entergy shutting down Vermont Yankee nuclear plant

The aging Vermont Yankee nuclear plant is way past its recommended lifetime. There have been continuing protests calling for it to be shut. William Boardman has written a series of articles about it here at Polizeros. In a surprise announcement, Entergy says the plant will operate until 4th quarter 2014, then be decommissioned Making the […]

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Vermont nuclear power protest. Grannies arrested!

They were arrested at a nuclear power protest at the Vermont Yankee plant. The Vermont justice system may have wanted just another routine jury trial on charges of criminal trespass, but for the accused six grandmothers the day-long trial was also an opportunity to bear witness, each in her own polite way, that they had acted […]

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Vermont Yankee nuclear plant snared in legal, regulatory morass

Despite such protests as last weekend’s demonstration against thermal pollution of the Connecticut River, the Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant has recently come to stand for the proposition that, when a nuclear plant reaches the end of its 40 year design life, it can still get a federal permit to keep on running for another 20 years. This proposition […]

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Vermont Yankee nuke target of shutdown protest today

VERNON, Vermont – In a perfect world, the Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant here would have shut down on schedule last March, the decommissioning fund would have been fully funded, and everyone in Vermont would be living green and happily ever after. But it’s not a perfect world – Vermont Yankee, with a design life […]

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