My NanoLight light bulb has arrived, most energy efficient bulb ever


NanoLight funded their project on Kickstarter and blew the doors off. They wanted $20,000 and raised $273,00! Nanoleaf LED light bulbs are now shipping. Mine is in my office lamp now, replacing a CFL, and produces a pleasing light.

When we announced the NanoLight to the world on Kickstarter, we called it the world’s most energy efficient light bulb. As far as we knew, this light bulb was more efficient than anything we have seen anywhere on the market, by a good margin too. However, we thought for sure someone would at least attempt to challenge that claim and point out something that is more efficient, something in existence that we have overlooked. Well, it has been almost 2 months and the NanoLight has made news stories around the globe, but no one has challenged it’s efficiency yet. It looks like the NanoLight really is the most energy efficient light bulb out there.