What is up with judge bribery case in Mary Badaracco homicide?


Judges, bribes, ‘buried’ cars, grand jury; the twisted tale of Mary Badaracco’s murder.

The Mary Badaracco homicide case is like a riddle jumbled in a hall of mirrors. The mirrors are usually foggy, with a rare burst of light and clarity. All that’s missing is the White Rabbit.

The case began in earnest six years too late. Over the subsequent 22 and a half years it generated some hope for justice, only to fall apart. One has to wonder whether all cylinders of Connecticut law enforcement were ever operating in concert.

Mary Badaracco, then 38, disappeared from her home at 25 Wakeman Hill Road in Sherman on Aug. 20, 1984. Her daughters say she was a devoted mother who would not have left without sharing her plans. Her car sat in front of the house, the driver’s side windshield smashed inward. Then the car disappeared, too.

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Andy Thibault is a semi-retired private investigator, journalist, and pro boxing judge in Connecticut.