Badaracco bribery trial, explosive tape

mary badaracco

Judge Robert Brunetti of Goshen–the key witness in the Dominic Badaracco bribery trial –became more of a force for the prosecution Tuesday by his absence than when he testified a day earlier.

Judge Brunetti spoke loudly and with anger in his voice on a wiretap recording orchestrated by investigators on Nov. 18, 2010, and heard by the jury Tuesday. Referring to Mr. Badaracco on the tape, Judge Brunetti told his boyhood friend Ronald “Rocky” Richter: “He offered me money, can’t f—ing do that … He’s f—in’ calling me and he’s offering me f—in’ money.”

Prosecutors were so happy they rested their case after calling only four witnesses.

The grand jury was looking into the homicide of Mr. Badaracco’s ex-wife Mary, who disappeared from the family home in Sherman in 1984. Although no body was ever found, state police, the state’s attorney and Gov. William O’Neill reclassified the Sherman case as a homicide in 1990. Mr. Badaracco is the prime suspect.


Mary Badaracco judge bribery trial

mary badaracco

“It sure seems like the fix is in. From what I understand, the State’s Attorney’s Office was never keen on pursuing charges in the first place. It was the doggedness of the investigator that forced their hand ”¦ everyone was turning a blind eye to it and shrugging their shoulders. These lawyers stick together like old time mafia,” says a law enforcement source.

Badaracco, 77, stands accused of bribing Judge Robert Brunetti of Goshen with an offer of $100,000 in an attempt to influence grand jury proceedings surrounding the investigation of Mary Badaracco’s death

Full report on this continuing twisted saga.

CT prison still stonewalls hearing for Bonnie Foreshaw


No prisoner has been in the Niantic jail – aka York “Correctional” Institution – longer than Bonnie Jean Foreshaw, a battered and sexually-abused woman who has somehow managed to survive and hold on to her humanity.

Every day Foreshaw remains in prison is a crime against humanity perpetrated by the state of Connecticut. She should have been freed many years ago.

Foreshaw gave birth to her first child after being raped at age 12. She’s been a victim of violence and sexual abuse from childhood through her nearly 26 years in prison.


Best defense in criminal case can be a good offense

Ever since O.J. Simpson’s dream team of defense lawyers and investigators went after cops, the tactic gained traction and sometimes results. Others preceded Simpson with the strategy, targeting prosecution teams and even judicial officials in their probes.

It can take years for many of the details to emerge.

Woody Allen – while under investigation in Connecticut for alleged sexual assault of a minor in the early 1990s – deployed high-level teams of private investigators to dig up dirt on state police and the Litchfield County state’s attorney.

A top-ranking state police official told the state’s attorney “that the Allen people were hiring private detectives to try to get some dirt on us.” Allen’s private detectives were compartmentalized, hired by different lawyers and subcontractors working for him. The private detectives included former FBI and Drug Enforcement Administration agents, even former state cops.

A retired federal agent who has worked both sides of the street recently shared this view: “One year you’re talking to someone and they’re on one side and then five years later they’re on the other side.”

One of the key targets for the defense in the Allen case was investigated for drinking, gambling and marital problems. After a time, that subject was found to have issues with handling of evidence. As one of his colleagues told me: “The pieces of the puzzle didn’t always fit, but it wasn’t enough to get him into trouble … He did a lot of favors in Waterbury ”¦”

Cool Justice has been looking into an ongoing criminal case in which retired state police detectives have been helping the defense effort, formally and informally, directly and indirectly. Hint: The detectives worked narcotics. Their institutional memories, case work and experience are of great value to anyone investigating witnesses and others. Stay tuned.

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