The horse race: Obama v Romney

Great horses in a great race (Salvator and Tenny at Sheepshead Bay, New York, June 25th 1890), published by Currier & Ives. J Cameron, American. (Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division Washington, D.C. )

James Fallows over at the Atlantic (yes, him again) had a recent post about Samuel Popkin‘s just-published book, “The Candidate: What It Takes to Win – and Hold – the White House”.

Dr Popkin has consented to “several rounds of online Q-and-A” with Mr Fallows to discuss the political campaign we’re about to be subjected to in the coming months. Here’s the first question:

What drives you crazy when you hear DC-based conventional-wisdom pundits opine about how the next six months will shape up?

What do you know that you think the rest of us should pay attention to?

Dr Popkin’s response (with bonus Q &A round) is here.

As Mr Fallows says in an aside to his summary of the current conventional wisdom:

[A]n election is a choice, not a referendum…

Like it or not, barring some unforeseen event, either Mr Obama or Mr Romney will be inaugurated as President of the United States next January. (Exact date still to be determined.)

Like our Blogmaster Bob, I have a new book to read.

Note: I want to make it clear that the title of the illustration at the top of this post refers to a specific horse race run in 1890 and in no way is intended to apply to current presidential candidates.