The Lowline: a proposed underground park in New York

Rendering of Delancy Underground with sunlight streaming through Ramsey's "remote skylights" (Rendering Courtesy of Raad Studio)

One of my favorite walks in Paris is along the Promenade Plantee, an old railroad viaduct that has been creatively turned into a a delightful succession of prospects. Inspired by the Promenade, New York has its own version, the Highline. Now a trio of New Yorkers are proposing to turn a 1.5 acre underground trolley terminal in the Lower East Side, abandoned since 1948, into a landscaped park lighted by solar collectors channeling sunlight to fiber optic cables in a system its designer, a former NASA engineer turned architect, calls “remote skylights.”

Kickstarter, which calls itself “the world’s largest funding platform for creative projects” is raising money to build a prototype of  the Delancey Underground project, nicknamed the Lowline.