TSA: what they’ve done for you lately (re-revisited)

Untitled (Children with Carnival Carts and Suitcases), 1934. Joseph Cornell, American (Smithsonian American Art Museum)

Here’s what our friends at TSA list in their Week At A Glance covering the period between January 9th and 15th, 2012:

  • 4 artfully concealed prohibited items found at checkpoints
  • 17 firearms found at checkpoints
  • 0 passengers were arrested after investigation of suspicious behavior or fraudulent travel documents

They’re also touting new privacy software.

TSA installed new software on all millimeter wave Advanced Imaging Technology (AIT) machines designed to enhance privacy by eliminating passenger specific images.

Two women in their 80s were “inappropriately screened” in New York’s JFK International Airport last November. In a letter of apology published last week, TSA denied that they had been strip searched and promised to re-train the offending agents.

And a bakery in Rhode Island is now offering a “Compliant Cupcake”. As the post states in its final sentence:

Yes, there’s now a dessert menu for your airport security theater…