I wonder

If that damned pipeline the Republicans instructed President Obama to make an “expedited decision within sixty days” about is amongst those “14 provisions that he said infringed upon his power to conduct foreign affairs”¦”

The omnibus gets a signing statement

When President Obama signed a budget bill on Friday, he issued a signing statement claiming a right to bypass dozens of provisions that placed requirements or restrictions on the executive branch, saying he had “well-founded constitutional objections” to the new statutes.

Yo! ‘Bama – just say No. No pipeline. How’s that for an “expedited decision” for ya’?

It doesn’t provide “thousands of jobs”, it barely provides hundreds. It doesn’t deliver “much needed energy to consumers eager to break the dependence upon foreign oil”, it delivers tar sand sludge to port refineries to be refined and exported to consumers elsewhere around the world. Environmentally, as Alaska has proven, there is nothing benign about a pipe “just laying there”, deteriorating, for decades, leaking and eventually collapsing and dumping those tar sands sludge on the land.

It’s a boondoggle: of little or no value, a project funded by the federal government out of political favoritism that is of no real value to the community or the nation.

A big waste of time, money and effort. Just say No. No pipeline.