Continuing turmoil in California Green Party

Many thanks to my old friend, comrade and compatriot Bob Morris for inviting me to blog here.  Bob was interested in my take on the ongoing turmoil between Mike Feinstein and Nativo Lopez.  I blogged extensively on that subject some time ago, A plague on both your houses.  The information that I impart will however, raise more questions than answers;  I’ll leave the conclusions to be drawn to the readers:


Jan B. Tucker


  1. VIBES!!! [lol] My time with GPCLA was one of the most frustrating experiences of my professional life. Between cliquism that superseded any logical discussion, and a system that claimed to promote consensus but in reality lost sight of the questions in the search for a “just” framework for discussing them, I left feeling that I had wasted a year of my life on an organization that existed for the sole purpose of accomplishing nothing. I had hoped things had changed… but apparently they have not.

    • Well, I’m told by several people that things have in fact changed.

      Things have gotten even worse, more rancorous, and they are scaling heretofore unknown heights of dysfunction.

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