Wireless thermostat retrofits buildings for smart grid

Cypress Envirosystems retrofit 6,000 feet of office space with smart grid thermostats in two hours with no disruption to employees or opening up walls. The new thermostats are controlled centrally and interface with smart grid technology.

“For the Smart Grid to reach its full potential, we will need smart buildings to talk to it. Developing low cost and non-disruptive ways to make existing buildings ‘smart’ is a very important problem to address,” said Emir Jose Macari, Dean of the College of Engineering and founding Director of the California Smart Grid Center at Sacramento State. “The Cypress Envirosystems’ WPT system was installed in record time and has performed flawlessly for the three months of the demonstration test. I am impressed with the system’s performance but above all because of the non-invasive nature of the devices and the installation.”

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