What’s in a name? Politics in the Zeroes in 2010

Me, at Joshua Tree oasis , Spring 2009

I started Polizeros in 2003. Didn’t really think it’d be still going when we rolled over into a new decade.

From our About Page

What the heck does the name Politics in the Zeros mean, you ask?

Several things, actually. Polizeros was started in 2003, the first decade of a new century, thus the years have lots of zeros in them. Plus, politics is about money, so there’s lots of zeros there too. Also, in my opinion, many politicians are themselves zeros. So, there you have it.

See the problem? The years don’t have as many zeroes in them any more! Some have said, rename it to Politeens, but that sounds like a site for teenagers. Plus, a new url means all those precious Google links go away.

So, Politics in the Zeros will continue as the name. Hey, politics is still about money and many politicians are still zeros.

PS I’m always looking for new people to blog here. Let me know if you’re interested. No schedules, no stress. You can link to your own stuff, just not all the time. Your politics don’t need match mine either, just be compatible or a fellow traveler.

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