Using waste heat energy for industrial-scale air conditioning


New technology from China use multiple forms of waste heat to heat water. Absorption chillers then use that heat to create AC cooling. This saves considerable money and uses no fossil fuels.


  1. This is awesome! Putting wasted energy to use is perhaps the most important and most cost-effective.means of reducing our carbon footprint.

    Currently, on the production side, about half the energy we produce is wasted, meaning it never gets used. On the consumption side, aabout half the energy we use is wasted, meaning it gets used inefficiently or unnecessarily. So 75% of the energy we generate goes to waste.

    If we could eliminate that waste, we could run the U.S. on EXISTING non-fossil-fuel capacity and not have to build another plant. Of course, if we stop building plants and mining coal, that puts a lot of folks out of work, which is politically unpalatable. The real reason we can’t kick our fossil fuel addiction isn’t lack of technology!

  2. I like the energy DJ express in his short article above. This device is similar to heat pump in some degrees.

    It ability to catch waste energy that what interesting.

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