Who do you trust on the economy?

The video above comes from a Mother Jones fundraiser held recently out on the west coast. You can view the rest here, but this one in particular got me thinking about which sources I actually trust for economic news.  Turns out, not that many. Before I list them though, I should tell you that economics, and really anything dealing with math, is about as far from my personal forte as you can get, so I specifically go with sources who A) explain everything clear enough for a blockhead like me and B) supply lots and lots of evidence to back up whatever they say.

The first source is Bob Morris who blogs…here at this site, actually. Bob and I see eye to eye on issues of social and civic justice, so I can be pretty sure that when he’s mad about something, the bailouts or the stimulus or what have you, I’ll probably be mad too by the time I’m done reading. If he’s worried, I’ll be worried. Not only that, but Bob has Sue the accountant around to mind his economic p’s and q’s, and DJ to make sure nobody gets too comfortable with their fancypants liberalism.

The next one is TPM Media. These guys have a lock on the sharp-elbowed muckraking that newspapers used to do. They’re making calls, knocking on doors, and scouring the web for all the information you could ever want about the government and its handling of the economy.  What’s extra fun is if you subscribe to their RSS feed, they update constantly throughout the day with little bites of information, and then eventually someone will take all those pieces and tie them together in one massive investigative piece. The comments section on each of their posts is always active, with readers backing up, or refuting, the author with their own digital muckraking.

The last source is Hale “Bonddad” Stewart who blogs for the Huffington Post. His bio says he’s “a former bond broker with several regional firms. He has been involved with the financial markets since 1995. He is a graduate of the Thomas Jefferson School of Law’s LLM program with a dual concentration in international and domestic taxation.” You can tell he probably knows what he’s talking about, but he’s also very good at supplying evidence for every claim he makes. A lot of evidence. Take a look at this one explaining the Fourth Quarter GDP. See what I mean?

So what sources do you trust for news on the economy crisis? Or if you’ve got a chip on your shoulder, tell me who you don’t trust on the economy. Who should I be reading, and who should I avoid at all costs? Tell me in the comments!