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Josh Mull

Josh Mull aka “Ultimate Josh” is an underground citizen journalist best known for his work with covering the 2008 Presidential Elections, including live video coverage of police crackdowns on peace marches at the Democratic and Republican National Conventions. He began writing on the web as a teenager, publishing articles and reviews for Planet Unreal and other multiplayer gaming sites, later moving on to more serious subject matter on LiveJournal, Myspace, and finally here at Read or Alive. He was also one of the many citizen journalists pioneering the use of microblogs during political debates, natural disasters, and terrorist attacks, including the recent violence in Mumbai and the Gaza Strip. In December 2008, Josh began working with Small World News (SWN) as a blog writer but has since moved on to be a Contributing Editor of Alive in Baghdad and Co-Creator of Alive in Gaza. He is also currently a contributor for Politics in the Zeros, as well as a guest contributor at Enduring America, focusing on US foreign policy in the Middle East and Central Asia. Josh is available for media appearances and speaking engagements on a variety of matters relating to social media, citizen journalism, digital reporting, open source intelligence (OSINT), microblogging, and social networking as well as any topics relating to his research and reporting on national security, foreign policy, US elections, President Barack Obama, Iraq, the Israeli-Arab conflict, counter-insurgency (COIN), and the Global War on Terror, also known as The Long War. He has previously appeared as a guest on WAAY 31 News, BBC News, and Radio Islam.