Alex Jones and Michelle Malkin – Together At Last?

During the 2008 Democratic Convention, I ended up covering a confrontation between between Alex Jones and Michelle Malkin. Today is a much different political environment, and it may be time these two rivals joined forces...

During the 2008 Democratic National Convention in Denver, I had the somewhat unpleasant task of covering “Shake Your Money Maker,” a protest, or demonstration, or something like that. Basically, a bunch of conspiratorial, Austrian school economics folks (and a few lost or confused peace activists) gathered around the Denver Mint downtown and attempted to “levitate it” (also known as yelling slogans at it). However, what I actually ended up covering was a confrontation between between radio host Alex Jones and pro-torture advocate Michelle Malkin.

Since this happened during the DNC in the middle of a very polarizing election campaign, Malkin immediately went on FOX News and her blog to slam Alex Jones as some sort of Liberal Left Wing Democratic operative (for his part, Jones claims to be an “independent”). But now the political landscape is changed dramatically. The Republican party (the low taxes, small government guys) is nowadays less popular than the Chinese Communist Party (the harvesting organs from live dissidents in a moving vehicle guys). Michelle Malkin and her plucky conservative movement need all the friends they can get.

That brings us to the Tea Parties, a string of anti-government protests going on all around the United States. Here’s one that took place in Washington, DC featuring an appearance by Malkin.

Cool, huh? It’s like you too can join their movement to battle the evil government overlords. It’s actually very similar to extreme anti-government propaganda produced by the Mehdi Army in Iraq, what with its sweeping musical score and rousing speeches and elaborate costumes…but I digress.  It turns out these Tea Parties attract a particular crowd. The same crowd, in fact, that comes to things like “Shake Your Money Maker” in Denver. Yep, conspiracy theorists. Here’s a Tea Party from Cleveland

It seems to me it might be time for Michelle Malkin and Alex Jones to reconcile. They agree that Obama is a socialist, that he’s destroying the American way of life, and best of all, that he might not really be an American period. They could unite their audiences of conspiratorial shut-ins, economic witch doctors, and arm-chair insurgents into quite a large conservative movement.

It wouldn’t be unreasonable, they both have plenty to offer and plenty to gain. Jones may appreciate the legitimacy the mainstream media gives Malkin and her pro-torture, anti-government extremism, and she in turn would no doubt benefit from a little conspiracy theory “street cred” from Jones’ followers. There wouldn’t have to be any massive bureaucratic changes; both of their audiences call themselves “patriots” fighting a revolution, and both of their audiences do little or nothing for their revolution besides buying books or DVDs from whichever bloviating media ego maniac they happen to follow.

What do you think? Is it time these two rivals set aside their differences and united for the common good of their conservative movement? Or do you think they’re both nuts? Let me know.

(Disclosure: I could be considered a “fan” of Alex Jones; I read his website, watch his movies, etc. However, I’ve only ever read Michelle Malkin’s book about how concentration camps are a good thing and I’ve accidentally clicked over to her blog a few times. Her other work could be stellar, I wouldn’t know.)


  1. Hadn’t been on Alec Jones’ Infowars in a while. Goodness. Hadn’t seen dire mention of a fiendish Bilderberger plot in quite some time. But there it is on his home page. How quaint.

    Lots more apocalyptic ravings from the usual suspects, some of whom are semi-left, and all of whom appear to be cheering for the collapse of society as long as it proves their pet conspiracy thesis to be correct.

    Can’t see as how such forces could join together as they’d always be suspecting the other of being moles, infiltrators, part of the NWO, etc.

    Have they stopped ranting yet about how 9/11 was a hoax?

  2. Not a chance! 9/11 is their biggest cash cow! They’d be nowhere without it.

    Most of the site is extremely provocative, but I try to keep it clear that Alex is really no different than Rush Limbaugh, he’s an entertainer and more than that an employee of his media career. It’s enjoyable stuff to read, no doubt, but this guy is paid to keep people coming back, not to tell the truth.

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